How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

For almost any part of the world, bed bugs have their fair share in being a headache. As a matter of fact, for those who have struggled with their own bedbug infestation, they could easily attest that these horrid creatures are rather difficult to eliminate. Even with the help from public health officers and exterminators, it doesn’t guarantee that the problem will be solved.

Bedbugs can be found in sheets, under the pillows, bags, and even in your clothing (which can often be embarrassing). Aside from that, they are also known to be troublesome and a potentially serious health hazard. Therefore, it’s very crucial to address the problem as soon as it arises. In the succeeding paragraphs, you’ll discover ways on how to get rid of bed bugs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Quick and Safe Solutions On How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Vacuum your home thoroughly

As much as possible, vacuum all carpets, ledgers, hardwood, and baseboards. Since bedbugs usually hide in a number of places, vacuuming all the surfaces thoroughly would eliminate the most noticeable clusters of bedbugs as well as their eggs. Even though bedbugs aren’t attracted to dirt, it doesn’t change the fact that they can hide easily in clutters. Try to reduce the clutter in your home. To easily access every nook and cranny, remove the unnecessary storage boxes, clothing, and trash before vacuuming.

Freeze the Bedbugs

For places that have a temperature that’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing would be very ideal. Start by transporting all the movable items outside your house. Then put the garbage bags on the ground, placing the cushions and throw pillows on top of the flat bags. Mattresses should be placed against the side of the house for maximum cold exposure and the furniture frames should be completely exposed. Leave the items outside for at least 4 days to ensure that the bed bugs and their eggs will be completely wiped out.

Wash All Clothes

The most widely known method is washing. Wash all fabric items including the drapes, laundry, bed skirts, table cloths, and slip covers. It is strongly recommended to use the hottest water possible (120 degrees Fahrenheit) to guarantee the bedbugs will die. Dry the items for 20 minutes using a dryer. It’s a known fact that a combination of heated environments is the best way to eliminate the bedbugs along with their eggs.

Silica Gel

The use of Silica Gel (Flowering Drying Crystals, Silica Dioxide, Bedbug dust) can also be used to eliminate these pests. Scatter a small amount around the house and focus on the areas where bedbugs usually hide. In case that you’re planning to use this on busy areas of your home, make sure that you’ll get something that’s completely non-toxic such as Diatomaceous. A lot of these substances work by dehydrating the bedbugs. Silica gel has low vapor pressure, which only implies that the moisture will be removed quickly.

Homemade Insecticide

Make your own bedbug anti repellent by filling up a spray bottle with 10 mL of water and 90mL of ethyl alcohol. Furthermore, with the use of lavender oil you can also make your own herbal spray to prevent future infestations.

Dealing with a bedbug infestation is really not that challenging if you’ll take the necessary pest control steps listed above. As you successfully eradicate these bugs, simply take the proactive measures to ensure that they’ll never return again. Always remember that as much as possible, stick to natural methods first. However, if it’s something intolerable and out of control, it’s advisable to consult a professional exterminator as your last resort.

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